Let's move!

Welcome to the FlyPT Mover location!
Here you get the latest builds, the manuals and guides.
This wiki/site is WIP, so be patient while the documentation is updated.

FlyPT Mover is free for personal home use.
If you want to, you can donate through the above PayPal link.
For comments, suggestions, bug reporting and questions, please use the XSimulator.net forums.A great source of info and sharing for the DIY.


  • Support for the most recent games.

  • Includes customizable sources to add compatibility with other games/software

  • Modular software, allowing almost infinite combinations.

  • Ready for future upgrades and new features due to it's modular design.

  • Visual interface with 3D previews of the rig movement, graphics visualisation on filter edition or to follow the evolution of values

  • Allows changing values in real time. Feel the difference right away.

  • Support for multiple types of rigs.

  • Pose based motion on supported rigs. Actuators positions are calculated to achieve a specific pose.

  • Implementes the classical motion cue algorithm, customizable with any filters or any values.

  • Allows VR motion compensation for the included rigs through OVRMC.

  • Act directly over the actuators like we do in other softwares, assigning one or more values to it's movement.

  • Outputs data by serial, UDP or shared memory.

  • Open to all DIY custom builds, and compatible with most comercial rigs (if they share the communication protocol).

  • The serial output is customizable , you can send any of the values "circulating" in Mover, to the hardware through the use of keys.

  • If machine is powerful enough, you can run multiple rigs with multiple games in one instance of Mover.

  • Transducer module to work over frequency, amplitude and noise in real time, with the use of any value coming from the sources.

  • Send resulting transducers to other hardware besides audio.

  • Includes transitions for filter changes, start/stop the sources and outputs.

  • Parks your rig if the feature is not included in your controller.

  • Set a driving position through the software. More horizontal in F1 style or more vertical for rally.

  • Ready to receive and send text from the sources

  • Includes many filter operations and time/sample based filters to work on the values, including spike filters to avoid violent movements in crashes.

  • Advanced joystick support. Assign any control to any value to generate from motion to transducer effects.

  • Includes calculated sources to generate waves or noise to test your rig and actuators.

  • Soft transitions in sources and outputs.

  • And it's free.

Supported games

Those are tested games, others might work because they use the same data output.

Dirt Rally
F1 2019
Piboso Kart Racing Pro
RFactor, Automobilista and other ISI based games
Dirt Rally 2
F1 2020
Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione
GT Legends
RFactor 2
Race 07
Live For Speed
Piboso WRS
GP Bikes
Euro Truck Simulator 2
No Limits 2
MX Bikes
AeroFly FS2
Digital Combat Simulator
XPlane 11
Flight Simulator X
Condor 2
IL 2 Sturmovik
Prepar 3D
Flight Simulator 2020
Using the RFactor source:
  • Automobilista
  • Stock Car Extreme
  • ARCA Sim Racing
  • Formula Truck 2013
  • Copa Petrobras de Marcas
  • GTR 2
Using the Project CARS 2 source:
  • Project CARS 3
  • Automobilista 2

Using the European Truck Simulator 2 source:
  • American Truck Simulator
Using DiRT Rally source:
  • DiRT 3
  • GRID 2

Using DiRT Rally 2 source:
  • DiRT 4
  • GRID (2019)

Other supported games (no guaranty)

To access data in those games, memory hooks are used. Any game update can broke the support until new update.

Star Wars Squadrons
Elite Dangerous
Grand Theft Auto 5

Other supported applications

Get data through SimTools
PhyPhox get motion from your phone