Joystick source

Generate values with joystick devices.

The joystick source, allows you to map a joystick control to one of the values.

You can add the amount of joystick sources you want to perform endless combinations.

Press the white field next to the value (it becomes yellow) and press the joystick control you want to assign (analog or not).

If the selected joystick is not connected, you get a warning (red square) next to it.

This happens when you open a setup and you don't have the joystick connected.

Generated values depend on the type of buttons:

  • For buttons, values are 0 or 1 (discrete).

  • For axes, values are between -1 and 1 (analog).

  • And for POV, values are between 0 and 360 (analog or discrete).
    POV holds the last value when going back to center and is initialised with zero.

Using such values seems strange, so you need to remap them to what you want.

For example, moving the analog joystick left/right (-1 to 1), you want to roll the rig 20º left and 20º right. For that, just apply a gain of 20 on the pose filters.


Joystick to the left is -1, with a gain of 20, becomes -20.

Same to the right.

Another example, using a digital button for shots, you can add a noise filter to vibrate the rig.

The value is 1 when pressed and 0 if released, so we can use a filter like:


It's generating a random value between -20 and 20 at each 100 calculation loops.

If we release the button, value is zero, so noise is zero.

Use the update joystick list button to force an update on the connected joysticks.

You can also check what is detected by opening the joystick info window.

Don't forget to connect the output!