Double and triple exponential moving average low pass.

Since EMALP has a problem with lag, we can try to reduce it using the DEMALP and TEMALP filters.

They reduce significantly the lag, but they add an undesired feature that we call the overshoot.

If we have big value changes at low frequency, the overshoot is noticeable, but not if the we have bigger frequencies (so it's good for motion compensation and the transducers frequencies).

Besides that, they require more calculations.

Look at the examples for EMALP, DEMALP and TEMALP, it's noticeable the faster response, but we get an overshoot on fast changes.

Result of EMALP(VALUE;1000)
Result of DEMALP(VALUE;1000)
Result of TEMALP(VALUE;1000)

To use DEMALP and TEMALP in Mover do:



  • parameter1 is the value we want to filter.

  • parameter2 is the amount of samples/values used.