Player source

Play recorded sources and data recorded by Phyphox

Sources in Mover include the possibilitie to record the received data.

Theres a record button (the red dot) availlable for that, just like the one shown in the figure of the FS2020 source.

The data is recorded on a file and can be played on the Player source.

Besides data recorded from sources, you can also play files generated with the Phyphox application availlable for IOS and Android.

Phyphox records data received by the motion sensors of the phone, but you need to setup the data properlly to have it recognised by the player.

Imagine making an aircraft travel and record the data to be replayed on the motion rig.

See bellow how to setup Phyphox.

Palyer with a Phyphox file

How to record data compatible with the player in Phyphox

Step 1: Install and open Phyphox.

Step 3: Add an experiment to Phyphox by pressing the + in the orange circle.

Step 4: Use the option of the QRCode and scan the QRCode in the picture to add the experiment to Phyphox.

You now have the Data for FlyPT Mover in the list of experiments.

Step 5: Select the experiment and press play to start recording data on the phone.

Step 6: Press pause to stop recording.

Step 7: Pres the 3 points on the top right and export the data.

Select the CSV (Comma, decimal point) format.
Now you can open the zip file generated by the experiment in the player source.