Exponential moving average band stop.

EMABS In the frequency domain

BS is band stop.

This means we don't receive values inside a specific band of frequencies.

In the image we can see the filter in the frequency domain, showing the band of frequencies defined by the two cutoff frequencies, where we stop receiving data.

The EMABS is good to smooth a value and at the same time get the higher frequencies.

It's like the opposite to washout, it washes to the current value.

Adjusting the lower value gives you more or less spikes, while the higher value defines how fast we go to the current value.

Note that the EMABS = ORIGINAL - EMABP

Result of EMABS(VALUE;1,5;1000)
Result of EMABS(VALUE;2;3000)Washing slower and with more spikes

To use EMABS in Mover, do:


  • parameter1 is the value we want to filter.

  • parameter2 is the amount of samples/values used in the EMA for one of the cutoff frequencies.

  • parameter3 is the amount of samples/values used in the EMA for the other cutoff frequency.

You can swap parameter2 and parameter3, Mover will always remove the band between the smaller and the bigger frequency.