To infinitesimal limit a value.

The logistic filter works as a limit filter, but closer the value get's to the limit, slower it goes there.

If above the limit, greater the value, even slower it goes.

So it's an infinitesimal approach to the limit without never reaching it.

Example of a LOGISTIC(VALUE;50;1) in a triangle
with 100 amplitude.
The value stays inside the -50/50 range and aproaches the limit slower and slower as it get's near or surpasses the limit.
Example of a LOGISTIC(VALUE;50;2) in the same triangle loop.The value approaches the limit faster

To use LOGISTIC in Mover, do:


  • parameter1 is the value we want to limit.

  • parameter2 is the range that defines the minimum/maximum value.

  • parameter3 is how fast we go to the limit.