The basics of Mover

Understanding the logic behind Mover is an essential knowledge to use it.
There's more to it than the logic, but this is the base of everything.

Basic usage and organisation of the user interface and file handling.

Mover works differently to other well known motion softwares.
It was made to allow the use of the classical motion cueing algorithm.
So let me explain what is the motion cueing algorithm and how do we use it

Filters are used everywhere in Mover.
Get to know all of them, and how to use the interface to define them.

How Mover defines the actuators.
Witch type of actuators are supported.
What is the meaning of each value in the actuators and how do we reach the bit value sent to the hardware.

The center of rotation (COR) and the center of gravity (CG) relation and how to correct them.

To use a VR headset we need to compensate the rig motion.
How to do it.