Custom input to output lines (WIP).

This filter allows the user to define a line passing through a series of nodes.

This line defines the output response to a specific input.

For now, this filter needs to work alone. It's not possible to use it in conjuction with other filters. So for that reason it's available only on the first combobox of the filtering tree.

How to define the nodes?

Double click on the graphic area. If you double click over a node, the node is erased, if outside, you add a new node.

Minimum number of nodes is 3.

You can drag the nodes with the mouse.

On the tree, there's a list of values, they are the coordinates of the points, in the order:

x for node 1

y for node 1

x for node 2

y for node 2


LSPLINE is the linear version, while CSPLINE is the smoothed/curved version.

Remember, you should define the curve for the range of values used. If you receive inputs from -100 to 100, you should check you cover that area. The curved spline might generate some huge values if not well defined.