F1 2018 outputs data through UDP

How to setup F1 2018 to work with Mover:

In the F1 2018 initial screen, follow this steps:

If you use Mover in the same device you have F1 2018,  change "UDP IP Address" to "".

If  you use Mover in another device on the same network of the device with F1 2018, change "UDP IP Address" to the IP of the device with Mover.

Avoid this if you need data in just one device. For that,  Enable broadcast mode for remote access. Sends to all PC's in the network or keep disabled and set the desired IP. Use if you are running on the same PC of Mover.

Thecnhical info

Info about the UDP structure in the Codemasters forum.

Euler angles seem strange, so Mover is calulating them from the front and right direction vectors.

Maximum frequency is around 50Hz, but it should reach 60Hz as anounced in the game menus. Can't find the reason for this limit.