SMC3 and SPS Arduino Motor Driver

How to setup Mover to use the SMC3 or SPS controller.

With this Arduino controller code, you can control up to 2 DC brushed motor actuators using one Sabertooth driver (SPS) or using the MonsterMoto driver shield (SMC3).

Go to the bellow links to get more info.

To use more actuators you need more Arduinos, and one output for each Arduino.

Info gathered at and

For any support regarding the hardware, setup or Arduino code go to the above link at forums.

Here is just info on how to connect with Mover.

Setup the serial output

  • Set output type to binary.

  • The serial speed should be 500000.

  • In interval loops use a value that generates at least 10 ms interval. By default loop time is 2 ms, so using 5 gives you 10 ms.

  • Select the port connected to the Arduino.

  • In the output string, use: "[A<Axis1a>][B<Axis2a>][C<Axis3a>]"

If you changed the keys of the actuators, you need to replace them with the correct naming.

  • Keep other values default.

Setup the rigs and directs

  • Change the actuators bit output to 10 bits.

If you are defining a rig, go to the rig module and change it there.

If you are using a direct, change it in the direct.