Please, try to download and use the latest version. Keep previous ones to go back if needed.
Versions not present on this list are broken and should be avoided.

Release date: 12-09-2021

Release notes:

  • New Forza Horizon 4 source.

  • New Forza Motorsport 7 source.

  • New Red Rover source.

  • New WW1 source (not working correctlly, waiting for more info)

  • New black box pose for cars to simplify setup

  • Added checkbox when opening setups, to select/deselect all the modules.

  • Added option to make modules top most, to hover the games when possible.

  • Optimized WASH filter.

  • New RWASH filter, to perform washout in rotation positions overcoming the -180º/+180º transition.

  • New RDELTA filter, to get variation in rotation positions overcoming the -180º/+180º transition (values can be really low and show as zero in the interface).

  • New DELTA filter, to get variation of a value (values can be really low and show as zero in the interface).

  • New ADDX filter, to add the last received values.

  • Solved bug in OVRMC module, where the selected rig was blank if we added or removed a rig from the setup. Goes blank, only if the rig does not exist, unless keeps the selection.

Release date: 27-08-2021

Release notes:

  • Removed message showing when sharing setup (was for debug).

  • Replaced the DCS Lua. Please update the file. There was an error in the file and a bug in Mover, now solved.

  • Setups now save the data used for sharing (not the password).

  • Solved problem caused by some chars when sharing setups.

  • Updated links in Thanos output.

  • CSPLINE and LSPLINE with 3 decimal places in the fields.

  • Review of IL2 air ground. It's now working correctlly on my tests.

Added a force air altitude. You can specify that above a specific altitude, ground to air is forced (default is 2.5m).

This avoids a problem in the suspension data of IL2 tath forced ground sometimes.

  • Replaced AWAY filter by the WASH filter.

It's a wheighted washout with 3 parameters:

The value to filter, the multiplier used to go back to zero and the amount of the new value we want to use.

Release date: 16-08-2021

Release notes:

  • Main window position is now stored in the setup.

If any window is outside of the total desktop area (multiple monitors), window is automatically moved to stay inside limits.

  • Name of shared setup should have at least 3 chars now to avoid empty names.

  • Solved bug with name of shared setup in the save window.

  • Changed the default setup description to be shorter.

  • Reduced line height of the online setups (mouse hover description shows all text).

  • Solved bug when loading the setups that was loosing any info where we had square roots like "Lateral acc. with gravity (m/s2)".

It was a UTF8 problem while reading.

All setups are stored correctlly, but where read wrongly, reverting to default values.

  • Corrected bug in the Thanos output that showed the same rig multiple times in the drop down

  • DCS: Added angle of attack to the received data.

Please, replace the Lua file in DCS.

  • Transducers: Less rsolution to reduce lag. Think it's not noticeable.

  • Transducers: Solved bug where sources where not correctlly separated in Air and Ground.

  • Directs: Solved bug where sources where not correctlly separated in Air and Ground.

  • Elite, GTAV and Squadrons without hooks updated (sorry).

Some setups will be shared to use the custom hook module and access the data.

Release date: 09-08-2021

Release notes:

  • Update to IL2 Sturmovik. Now with extra data, ground detection and air-ground-air transition.

  • Corrected Thanos order of actuators.

  • Added online shared setups (experimental).

  • Tried to solve some problems on Project Cars / Automobilista2 sources.

  • Some updates on FS2020 source to solve some bugs.

Not all bugs are solved.

Release date: 04-03-2021

Release notes:

  • Update to LFS source. Works only for latest LFS version.

More info, like suspension data, tire slip...

  • Some work in the traction loss pose.

It's experimental. Works only if the game has slip angle for the tyres. Tested with the new LFS release. Still WIP.

Release date: 26-02-2021

Release notes:

  • New CSPLINE and LSPLINE filters. Allows user to customize the input output by moving nodes.

  • In/out graphics without scale on lines and points because of the new splines. Some values under 1 could not be seen.

  • Actuators scale was changed around the middle. It's now possible to select the scale around the minimum value.

  • Corrected bug in FS2020 source.

  • Corrected bug in AC and ACC sources causing sudden jumps when going to pause or menus.

  • Solved bug causing mixing on multi source sources.

  • Some changes in transducers with some default profiles. It's WIP, need more testing.

  • Some other small bugs solved.

Release date: 06-02-2021

Release notes:

  • Temporarally disabled USB auto detection to confirm if crash ptroblems in some users are caused by it. Problem seems to arise, specially with the use of VR headsets.

  • Swapped hotkeys to start/stop sources and outputs. By default, ALT+O is for outputs and ALT+S for sources. You can change them in the options, or even assign a joystick control.

  • Changing filter transition time was not working.

  • Optimized and cleaned some options code.

  • Corrected order of actuators in Thanos output. Also corrected the conversion of the spike filter.

  • Removed manuals from the download. Please use the online wiki at

  • Removed "B" marker on directs keys. Was causing lot's of problems.

  • Solved some bugs on the Aerofly FS2 source.

  • UDP sources updated for better error detection, and added IP to the forward data. Those changes might give error messages while loading old profiles.

  • Added extra values to the Race07 source.

  • Replaced GTR2 source with RFactor plugin.

  • Added War Thunder, with very limited data...

  • Finally, Falcon 4.0 BMS is usable. What a nightmare with those values, where reference points a char, and it's 4 bytes!

  • Revision to Epic Roller Coaster. Needs testing, specially in the rig.

  • Updated binary output to allow the use of <<<<<<<<123> where the number of < is the number of bytes used. It worked before, but only up to 4 bytes. It's now unlimited.

  • Added help links in the filters and in the sources. Trying to spread the help over all the modules at the same time the site is developed.

  • Corrected some bugs in directs. Mapping from big to low value had an error.

  • Was storing sliders positions on the files. Now stores and recovers only in transducers.

  • Turned visible again all the coordinates on the double TL rig joints.

  • Check for update at startup, run in another thread. Gain at least 1 second when opening Mover.

  • Added tool tips in the outputs values (list on the right where we select the keys).

  • Updated some keys used in the outputs and solved some problems when erasing modules.

  • Now M# is the module number that remains always the same, even erasing modules.

  • New VTOL VR source.

  • New DOF H3 rig (WIP).

  • New rotational stewart platforms (WIP).

  • New output for motion compensations allowing filtering for each DOF.

  • New low pass and high pass filters (Butterworth, Chenishev...).

  • Many other small changes and bugs solved.

Release date: 11-11-2020

Release notes:

  • Hopefully, corrected some bugs on the Thanos output.

  • Added some images and updated the double traction loss rig (sfx100 type).
    The double traction loss allows the rig to work on 6DOF.
    All movement was thought for motion cueing.
    So if you have some yaw, introducing sway generates some surge to compensate and create real sway.

  • Corrected some other small bugs.

  • Made some changes in the transducers to solve crashes in some PC's (needs feedback).

  • Other WIP, not exposed yet.

Release date: 03-11-2020

Release date: 08-05-2020


FlyPT Mover requires Windows 10, preferably the latest version.
Also requires the latest .net installed on your system.
Might have other requests, specific to the sources used.
Runs only in 64 bit's, and for now, no install is needed. FlyPT Mover can be run directly from the executable file.